Launched: 1996 Passengers: 2,651
Registry: Bahamas Tonnage: 70,367
Crew: 920 Decks: 10


Everyone can use some inspiring from time-to-time. And, the "Fun Ship" Inspiration will provide all the motivation for relaxation you need. The "Fun Ship" Inspiration provides the canvas for an amazing week of recreation and relaxation. From the Swimming Pools on deck -- to Fantastic Dining, Entertainment, and Spa Carnival indoors -- there's always plenty to experience on-board. You'll encounter a variety of endless fun that is truly inspired. Even if you choose to do nothing at all. Book your cruise aboard the Inspiration today. We'll be happy to show you how fun is done.

Recommended For

First-time cruisers who want an active, high-energy, party atmosphere; young singles and couples; young-at-heart of any age; those who enjoy the flash and Las Vegas glitz or similar ambience.


Aboard the Inspiration there are no boundaries to our activities. This is the only place where getting lost will become the best things that has ever happened to you. Enjoy basking in the multiplicity, there's no need to be contained. * Galleria Shopping Mall & Duty-Free Shops

* Card Room
* Shakespeare Library
* 2 Children's Playrooms
* 3 Outdoor Swimming Pools - One especially for the children
* Nautica Jogging Track (1/8 mile)
* Fully Equipped Nautica/Spa & Health Club
* Spa & Massage Rooms
* Aerobics Room
* Beauty Salon & Barber Shop
* Radio Room
* Jewelry Shop
* Closed Circuit TV & Satellite TV at sea
* Shuffleboard & Table Tennis
* VCR Rentals
* Photo Gallery
* 6 Whirlpools


Once you set foot aboard Carnival's Inspiration, the extraordinary aroma of the fine cuisines will engulf you yet to come and those of the past. With Carnival's Total Choice Dining, versatility is an under statement. We're capable of gratifying the pickiest taste buds.

* Mardi Gras Dining Room - Formal Dining
* Carnivale Dining Room - Formal Dining
* Brasserie Bar & Grill with 24 hour Pizzeria
* Cafe des Artistes


This Super liner boasts many popular nightspots like the Rock & Roll Dance Club. Or take in a lavish Las Vegas-style spectacular in the two-level Paris Lounge. Our ship is equipped to accommodate a wide array of music, a great selection of lounges and bars to suit all, and a Casino to satisfy the risk taker at heart. If you can't find anything upon this ship to fit your preferences, it hasn't yet to be invented. Enjoy an intimate moment strolling the starlit deck. It's your night.

* Paris Lounge with it's 2 level Show Room featuring lavish shows that rival anything in Vegas
* Rhapsody in Blue Bar - Piano Bar
* Monte Carlo Casino
* Violins Bar
* Avant-Garde Lounge & Dance Floor
* Rock & Roll Dance Club is one of the most popular nightspots
* Chopin Lounge - Piano Bar
* Candlelight Lounge - Smaller Show Lounge
* Brasserie Bar & Grill
* Inspiration Boulevard
* Cafe des Artistes
* Teen Disco Club


Gratuities are conveniently charged to the passenger’s on board account at a rate of $10 per person per day. Additionally, a 15% gratuity is automatically added to all bar purchases.

Note: Gratuity Policies are subject to change. Updated June 21, 2010


Carnival emphasizes casual dress during the day, and most evenings also enforce this “cruise casual” dress. However, a few nights may require a more refined approach to dress—this is categorized as “Cruise Elegance.” This may include cocktail dresses and pantsuits for women and dress slacks and shirts for men.

Note: Dress Codes are subject to change. Updated June 20, 1010.

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