Launched: 2002 Passengers: 2,200
Registry: Panama Tonnage: 58,625
Crew: 720 Decks: 9

MSC Sinfonia

MSC Sinfonia boasts Italian elegance, central to the MSC family offering, comfort with wide open public spaces, excellent facilities from bars to cafes to restaurants to the casino and nightly entertainment plus lots more too. MSC Sinfonia has been inspired from the musical notes of the greatest symphonies of our classical European composers. A traveler from the romantic symphonies of Beethoven through the moody notes of Mozart to the contemporary Debussy's music and Tchaikovsky's opera plus those of Brahms.

Recommended For

Those who enjoy a more European atmosphere, and travelers interested in a mid-priced cruise experience.


The Sinfonia has plenty of family friendly and adult-driven activities to keep things interesting and relaxing while on board!
* Ball court
* Mini Golf course
* Sun deck
* Rock-climbing wall
* La Ferme Spa
* Pinocchio playroom
* Planet Teen's Club
* Galaxy video games arcade

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Updated June 21, 2010


The MSC Sinfonia offers a selection of dining options to suit each of its passengers. Each of these dining venues provides high quality cuisine that is sure to please.

* Il Galeone- One of the Main indoor restaurants
* Il Covo- Second of the main indoor restaurants
* La Terrazza-outdoor Buffet
* Shelagh's House- the ship's Irish pub

Note: Information subject to change.
Updated June 21, 2010


Discreet and tasteful nighttime entertainment can be easily found aboard the Sinfonia.
* San Remo Casino
* Le Baroque Café
* Buddha Bar
* Pasha Club

Note: Information subject to change.
Updated June 21, 2010


Gratuities are automatically charged to the on-board account for the passenger’s convenience. Per person, per day gratuities for adults are: 12 euros for Caribbean cruises and ocean voyages, and 6 euros for Mediterranean and Northern European sailings. Per person, per day gratuities for children are 50 percent less.

Note: Gratuity Policies are subject to change.
Updated June 21, 2010


Resort-casual attire is considered appropriate any time during the day before 6:00 PM. After this time, the ship does not permit jeans, t-shirts or shorts in public areas of the ship, and bare feet are also not allowed. Cocktail dresses and normal formal attire are recommended for the formal night(s).

Note: Dress Codes are subject to change.
Updated June 21, 2010

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