Boston is filled with all of the beauty and ambience that makes New England a tourist mecca and a vacationer's haven. In the fall, it embodies the seasonal color change that is about as breathtaking as nature can get, with foliage dressed in deep reds, bright yellows, and vivid oranges. During the winter, the area evolves into a wonderland of snow and magic. Springtime finds the city teeming with wildflowers and gardens. And summer is an outdoor celebration seven days a week. Boston's cultural diversity, artistic richness, historical atmosphere and charisma make it one of the best places to see in North America. Buzzing with energy, this is home to some of the world's best colleges and universities, and it offers a vacation experience that is as rich as its academic heritage.

You will find that there are endless possibilities for fun and relaxation from one end of the city to the other. This city is highly populated, but somehow remains unstuffy. It is sophisticated and poised, but hardly fussy. It is active and eclectic, but not disorderly. The people here are as diverse as the U.S. can be, as are their interests, foods, talents and activities that they happily display in the form of restaurants, museums, concert parks and sporting areas. Boston is a place of brilliant juxtaposition. The city seamlessly merges all the characteristics of an urban setting with a countrified appeal that is unlike any other city. Old World charm stands strong in the face of modern-day invention in this fully historic yet state-of-the-art city. Lush green parks are revered here, but so is the subway. And whether your pace is frenzied or leisurely, you have a choice in Boston. From non-stop shopping and sightseeing, to a tranquil day by the waters of the Charles River, you can truly create a unique experience here, and can do so at your own speed.