Copenhagen is one of the most warm and inviting cities you'll ever visit. A picture of this quaint city includes cobblestone streets, a few towering skyscrapers and friendly people that will greet you at every turn. This is very unlike the typical hot pavement and traffic-covered streets that are usually associated with a major city. Copenhagen is truly a fairy-tale town where pollution does not exist but the sweet scent of bakeries envelopes the area instead. Copenhagen is part cosmopolitan city and part small town that has plenty to offer its visitors. This is the political, financial and cultural capital of Denmark that 1.5 million people call home. Museums, historical sights, cafe's, and the most delicious restaurants abound here.

The day will captivate you and the night will intrigue you, so do not plan to go to sleep early. Go crazy and live it up at the many clubs and bars, or have a cappuccino while watching a magnificent sunset. Copenhagen has quite a tumultuous history, starting in 1157, when Valdemar the Great gave it to Bishop Absalon. Before this transition year, Copenhagen was just a simple fishing town. Bishop Absalon built a castle here, which is now Christianborg Palace. Copenhagen grew to be a great center as a Baltic trade route, and in the 15th century, the town became the royal residence and the capital of Norway and Sweden. Walking around Copenhagen today, one will be able to see beautiful castles and towers that date back to the 16th century and the rule of Christian IV. This king was enamored of fine architecture, which resulted in a wealth of construction that still marvels visitors today. We are quite lucky Christian IV built up the city as much as he did, because some of the buildings from his time are the only historical landmarks that survived two major fires in the 18th century, as well as the bombings by Lord Nelson during the Napoleonic Wars. A sweet lull of peace sweeps over Denmark now, which disguises Copenhagen's difficult history. It is a colorful town brought to life by street musicians and performers on every corner. Delight your eyes with the lights that illuminate these same streets at night, and take a stroll along a drawbridge over one of the many canals. It is impossible not to fall in love with this seafaring city.