London is a magnificent city, with a rich heritage and history that greet you at every step. There is so much activity and beauty in London that multiple trips are usually a necessity to get a true sense of the region. Perhaps Samuel Johnson was right when he said, a man that is tired of London is tired of life? The glory of Big Ben and the splendor of a trip to Buckingham Palace are only a beginning. The British Museum is magnificent, and the shopping in the city is spectacular. Present-day London still possesses an air of the medieval, which only adds to its charm. St. Paul's Cathedral is a glorious site, which has stood since the 1600's. The Thames flows by on the same course as it did 2,000 years ago, and London's time machine museums are magnificent.

Art, fashion, and dining in London remain popular, and even the United States tries to imitate the dress and music of Britain s hot spot. London is still a swinging city, and Vanity Fair recently proclaimed it the coolest city in the world. But all you traditionalists do not dismay, for Britons have a strong sense of culture and tradition. Teatime remains the most sacred part of the day, and is honored by nearly every citizen in the region. The tall, red double-decker buses still tour the city, and the matching red telephone booths can still be found on nearly every corner. And of course, the Royal Family continues its own tradition in England. Taking a tour of the Royal Quarters, gallivanting around the area, and exploring all of London s sights first-hand, are unparalleled experiences. There is so much adventure to be found in London, but it does take a bit of effort. The layout of the area is quite difficult to navigate, but this simply adds to the fun! Venturing around the city and discovering unique experiences is the best thing about London. It is made especially enjoyable because London is one of the safest cities in the world, so you will be secure and comfortable in all of your travels. It is the swirling maze of streets and the city s medieval arrangement that make London difficult to travel from point to point. As a result, you will end up taking roundabout directions from locals, encountering wonderfully eccentric people and experiences along the way.