Singapore is a incredibly exciting destination, full of relaxing activities, great architectural sites, and outstanding dining experiences. The shopping is world-class, and the nightlife is vibrant, as well. The abundance of water sports will please all of you looking for a physically challenging activity or two. The islands neighboring Singapore are gorgeous, making them ideal for an afternoon excursion. The protected park areas and nature reservations are beautiful, and there are a number of interesting attractions, especially in the historic district, that are of excellent for sightseeing and exploring. Singapore may be a small island, geographically speaking, but it is tremendously popular with tourists.

The locals are quite pleased with their home, as Singapore features some of the lowest violent crime rates of anywhere in the world. It is a very safe city for the whole family. The numerous religious factions represented in such close proximity in Singapore coexist peacefully and respect one another. This is one of the most visited places in all of Southeast Asia. If an exotic cruise destination with extraordinary scenery and a friendly society sounds good to you, then look no further. Singapore features all this and much more. The region is so diverse that you will have no problem enjoying a completely different type of cuisine for every meal. The Chinese Opera plays in Singapore, and they are dynamite. In a single neighborhood, you will observe Muslim mosques, Chinese temples, Christian churches, and Hindu worship sites. The government of Singapore runs a tight ship, and this is probably why it is such a thriving, safe community. As a result, be wise and observe all local rules and regulations, because the law is relatively strict.