Cruise to Nowhere

A cruise to nowhere is a great way to take a mini-vacation at a fraction of the cost of a regular cruise. Typically, these types of cruises last anywhere from overnight to a few days, and do not call on any ports. Cruise lines will often schedule a cruise to nowhere when there is a break between two major itinerary segments. Without the time necessary to sail to a port, the ship will instead idle or anchor close to the shoreline (but far out enough to open the casino and shops!).

For those that are new to cruising, a cruise to nowhere is a great way to sample life at sea before committing to a full length sailing. Plus, they are usually very affordable; a big plus for those who already live near a port city. Experienced cruisers can also reap the monetary benefits of a cruise to nowhere, while experiencing all the onboard amenities that they usually enjoy.

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