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4.7 Rating based on over
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Haifa, Israel

Haifa, Israel

Galshanim Beach

Galshanim Beach

Bahai Gardens and Temple

Bahai Gardens and Temple

Haifa is Your Starting Point for Mediterranean Discoveries

Haifa, a coastal gem nestled along the Mediterranean, proudly stands as a city where history meets the sea. As you embark on your journey from Haifa, you'll find yourself immersed in a world of ancient wonders and contemporary charms.

Explore Haifa's historic sites, from the Bahá'í Gardens and Shrine, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, to the vibrant streets of the Carmel Center. Soak in panoramic views of the Mediterranean coastline from the city's heights, where modernity and tradition blend seamlessly. With well-appointed facilities and efficient transportation connections, Haifa ensures a seamless beginning to your Mediterranean journey. Whether you're pursuing cultural experiences, coastal wonders, or simply seeking relaxation by the sea, Haifa's departure point promises a memorable start to your voyage. Dive into the beauty of the Mediterranean and launch your discoveries from Haifa's captivating shores.

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Hotel In Haifa

Hilton Tel Aviv Hotel Image
Hilton Tel Aviv

Okeanos Suites Herzliya Hotel by Herbert Samuel Hotel Image
Okeanos Suites Herzliya Hotel by Herbert Samuel

Gordonia Hotel Hotel Image
Gordonia Hotel

Orient by Isrotel Exclusive Hotel Image
Orient by Isrotel Exclusive

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