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4.7 Rating based on over
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Delfshaven area of Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Delfshaven area of Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Oude Haven in Rotterdam

Oude Haven in Rotterdam

Oude Haven in Rotterdam

Oude Haven in Rotterdam

Revel in the Beauty of Rotterdam

As you step foot in Rotterdam, you'll be greeted by a cityscape that seamlessly blends old-world charm with cutting-edge architecture. Admire the iconic Erasmus Bridge, a modern marvel, and explore the historic streets of Delfshaven, harkening back to the city's maritime heritage. Be sure to visit the renowned Museum Quarter and delve into the art and culture that define this vibrant metropolis.

Rotterdam's strategic location on the European map makes it an ideal departure point for a variety of travel experiences. From here, you can set sail on luxurious cruises, embark on exciting yacht adventures, or board efficient ferry services to explore neighboring European cities. Rotterdam's bustling port ensures easy access to captivating destinations like Amsterdam, Antwerp, and beyond.

With world-class facilities and convenient transportation connections, Rotterdam simplifies the logistics of starting your European journey. Whether you're planning a leisurely cruise along the scenic waterways or embarking on a fast-paced voyage, Rotterdam's departure port promises a seamless and memorable beginning to your European adventure.

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Hotel In Rotterdam

Urban Residences Rotterdam Hotel Image
Urban Residences Rotterdam

Bliss Boutique Hotel Hotel Image
Bliss Boutique Hotel

Mother Goose Hotel Hotel Image
Mother Goose Hotel

VVP Verhuur - Visserslust Hotel Image
VVP Verhuur - Visserslust

Flights To Rotterdam

Cruise Lines Apr 24 May 24 Jun 24 Jul 24 Aug 24 Sep 24 Oct 24 Nov 24 Dec 24 Jan 25 Feb 25 Mar 25
Celebrity Cruises   $1,899 $983 $924 $1,412              
Holland America Line $1,829 $1,429 $1,229 $1,479 $779 $1,179 $999          
MSC Cruises $529           $459 $379 $379 $369 $449 $449

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