About the Author - John Maguire

John Maguire

As the founder of International Voyager and CruiseDirect.com, John Maguire has always had a passion for travel.

He began his career shortly after college at a Miami-based travel media company, which published more than 100 magazines and guidebooks for Caribbean islands, airlines serving the area, and cruise lines. During this time, Maguire helped launch and later managed a port lecturing program. This program promoted Caribbean shopping and activities on all major cruise lines. Maguire was responsible for advertising sales as well as promoting island-based publications to tourism boards and hotel associations throughout the Caribbean islands.

In 1995, Maguire discovered the potential of the then-emerging Internet and joined the travel channel of America Online in Virginia. There, Maguire worked to help convert a travel-content channel into one of the first air, hotel and car online booking web sites.

With this experience under his belt, Maguire later managed business development for the online ventures group of The New York Times. Maguire worked with Golf.com, Tennis.com, CruisingWorld.com and SnowCountry.com. Maguire continued developing his online career by joining a search engine company called Snap.com, which eventually was acquired by NBC.

After accepting a position as vice president at Idealab, an ecommerce incubator, Maguire acquired the entrepreneurial experience that he needed to compliment the rest of his expertise. At this point, he started International Voyager and CruiseDirect.com.

Besides leading these successful ventures, Maguire enjoys time with his family, traveling, technology, sailing, skiing, and scuba diving. Although he likes living in the country, he has visited more than 57 countries and six continents as well as traveled on more than 100 cruise ships. He is an avid sailor and has captained boats throughout the northeast United States, the Caribbean and Thailand. Originally from Rutherford, New Jersey, Maguire attended the University of Colorado at Boulder.




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